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editorial design

program : editorial design + pagination

location : coimbra . portugal

year : 2014

promoter : capc + colégio das artes

status : work in progress

collaborators : artur rebelo + joão bicker

We assume that our strategy is to perform dynamic connections between domaines that are also connective and dynamic. And this strategy will involve conducting assemblies between art, literature, philosophy, and science.
The Lab is a group that gathers multiple contributions. These contributions are placed in the form of dialogue.
With the publication of "The scenic space as potential space: for a dinamologie of Space" by João Maria André and João Mendes Ribeiro, this dialogue takes shape, and starts editing the 'Colecção Círculo de Ideias - Textos Teóricos do Laboratório de Investigação do Círculo de Artes Plásticas de Coimbra'.

Editorial design for the first publication of a collection of theoretical texts of the CAPC.